The happiness trap.  We all desire to be happy, many of us, even chase this fancy feeling.  But why is it so hard to feel happy?  In this article, we will dissect how consuming social media in the morning robs you of your happiness.

I know from personal experience, I used to be that person who woke up and immediately grabbed for my phone.  I thought to myself – I have to check my email, the news, Facebook and Instagram. Pretty soon, I found myself haphazardly addicted to consuming information from social media outlets in the morning.

Before I left the house, I had already spent well over 20 minutes soaking up all the newest and latest buzz in the media, in my inbox and on social media.

And it left me feeling exhausted and uninspired.


For starters, social media is a fantastic tool that connects us to new faces all around the world.  It can be used in a way to connect with others in new ways, absorb and transmit new information and ideas, and it can give each of us a platform to voice our concerns.

However, just as social media can be used for good – it can also have a very sinister side to it.

It can distract us, it can make us feel inadequate, it can create an illusion where we place value on ourselves that’s directly correlated to how many likes and comments we receive on our posts.

Like anything else – moderation is key.

According to Statista,  the daily amount of time spent using social media has drastically increased from 2012 to the present year.

In 2012, the average user spent 90 minutes a day using social media!  Woah! Fast forward to today – we’re talking a staggering 135 minutes a day.

Let me repeat – 135 minutes!  That’s slightly over 2 hours a day using social media. That’s 14 hours a week, 56 hours a month, and 672 hours a year. 

Think about it!  You might be spending a total of 28 days a year solely dedicated to social media.

Now – I realize that there are many statistics and studies floating around – and that an average user’s time may vary – but let’s just roll with the above statistic.

28 days on social media a year.

28 days that you spend reading about someone’s life, watching videos, commenting on things that really don’t matter in the long run and so on.

28 days friends.  Holy crap.

A recent study published on, indicates the following:

“…the more you use Facebook over time, the more likely you are to experience negative physical health, negative mental health and negative life satisfaction.”

And if that isn’t enough, studies listed on, have also concluded that the more time spent on social media greatly correlates with a greater likelihood of anxiety disorders.

With all of this said – Why am I suggesting that we stop using social media in the morning?

It’s simple:  How you start your day, greatly impacts how you navigate through your day.

You know – we all have experienced this – you wake up late, you stub your foot on your bedpost, spill your coffee on your clean shirt, get stuck in rush hour, finally arrive to your job 5 minutes late feeling rushed, frazzled and on edge.

Social media does the same thing to our brains.

When you wake up and turn on Facebook, Instagram or whatever your poison – you end up polluting your mind.  You fill your mind up with the opinions of others, tragedies happening around the world and maybe a dose of bullshit too.

This doesn’t sound like a great way to start your day – now does it?

Your mornings are sacred.  It’s a time where you get set your intention for the day, decide what you wish to accomplish for the day and a time to set yourself up to have an amazing day ahead.

Here are 3 Things You Can Do to Replace Your Social Media Habit in the Morning:

 1.  Journal – Workout – Meditate

Maybe you wake up in the morning feeling a bit scattered – or your mind is racing.  If this sounds like you, then get it out on paper.  Start a journal – write down what you’re feeling, what you want to do today or with your life, dream a little bit, express some gratitude.  Connect to thyself through pen and paper.

Working out may seem a bit much for the non-morning people.  I get it.  But – you don’t need to do a full workout!  Maybe a 10-minute routine consisting of push-ups, squats and abs.  Keep it simple!

Meditate.  Yes, I know, meditating is the biggest craze right now.  And there’s a reason behind it.  Find a YouTube video with calming music and quiet the mind for 5 minutes.

2.  Listen to Music

Create a playlist that will get you jazzed up for the day.  Listen to it as you pour your morning coffee and get ready.  Or get your dance on!  Listening to music has been linked to releasing mood enhancing chemicals in your brain – get your happy on and shake that booty!

3.  Indulge a Bit

Indulge?  In the morning?  Yes – please do.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and go step outside and gaze up into the sky – take in the beauty of life.  Take a few extra minutes to get ready and pamper yourself!  Maybe cook up a healthy breakfast to start your day.

The list could go on – but I assure you, it’s much better than social media consumption.

Final Thoughts:

Social media is a great tool, don’t get me wrong.  But it is a master distractor.  We live in the flesh, with our feet planted on the ground, not mulling around our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

By eliminating social media consumption in the morning – you make time for you!  You also set the stage to start a great day!  Try one of the 3 tomorrow – see what happens! After all, you don’t have anything to lose – if anything – you might regain a few hours back that would be lost to aimlessly perusing social media.

Your Turn:

Do you think looking at social media in the morning is a bad thing?


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