Have you ever missed out on a big opportunity because you wanted to play it safe?  How about saying no to trying something new?  I know I have and have since changed my mind on playing it safe.

Take a moment and look back at your life and think long and hard about the things you could have done.  The opportunities you could have taken, the random bursts of fun you did not have, that new person that could have been in your life.  But instead, you played it safe and remained in your comfort zone.

Trust me, I get it.

Reading this now you can easily think of all the things you could have said yes to.  But do you know why you didn’t say yes?  Because these things were scary, they were unknown and they piqued some anxiety within you.


“It’s better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at that line for the rest of your life.”

Most of us have a tendency to play it safe in life.  It’s easier that way.  It’s familiar. You know what to expect and it can seem like the “adult” or responsible thing to do.

You know why you play it safe all the time?  Why you choose not to go out for the evening?  Why you say no to meeting new people or experiencing new things?


Yes, the bloody bastard fear.  It’s been holding you back.

Fear has some serious weight to it!  Why else have you said to no to all the wonderful opportunities that you could have said yes to?  Why else have you shied away and not taken an itty-bitty risk?

Fear. Worry. Insecurity. Self-Doubt. 

The list goes on.

Here goes:  Today I am your cheerleader telling you to put your courage knickers on and to get uncomfortable for a bit.  Sure, trying new things, saying yes to things that have no guarantee can be a frightening thing.  But you know what else is frightening and horrifying all at the same time?  Thinking about “what if’s” the rest of your life.


Don’t miss out on something that could be amazing, just because it could also be difficult.

So, without further ado here’s how you can stop playing it safe in your life:


1.  Take A Risk Every Day

What would happen if you did something every day that made you a wee bit uncomfortable?  It could be something simple like saying hello to a person that you’ve always wanted to say hi too, but have feared rejection.  It could be asking for a raise, a day off, expressing how you truly feel and so on.  Liberate yourself and take a risk and see what happens.

2. Forget About Everything You Don’t Love

If you don’t love it, it’s got to go!  Many of us play it safe in life by doing things, saying things or acting a certain way because it’s comfortable or it may be the status quo.  Forget about it!  If you don’t love it, trash it and replace it with something you do love.

3. Say Hi to Anyone and Everyone

Sure, this may seem a bit odd.  Especially in today’s society where everyone has their heads hanging down looking at their mobile devices.  What would happen if you walked around for one day and said hi or hello to every single person you encountered?  I’m sure you would have some interesting conversations!  If anything, you have given yourself a confidence boost and may have opened the doors to some new friendships and opportunities.

4. Have An Idea That Sounds Crazy? Act On It

I’m serious about this one.  If you have an idea that sounds crazy to you, or a bit grandiose and you can’t stop thinking about it.  DO IT.  ACT ON IT.  Do you want to live the rest of your life filled with “what if’s”?  Or would you rather know that you acted on your ideas, no matter how crazy or grandiose they were?

5. Stop Worrying About What Others Will Think

This is a big one and a hard one to do.  When you consume yourself with the need of what others think of you, you know what you’re really doing?  Well, you’re doing two things.  First, you’re concerning yourself with needless worry.  Second, you’re being selfish.  If all you can think about is what others will think about you, you’re in a selfish state of mind.  Change your thoughts – think instead:  How awesome would this be if I decided to take a risk and explore a new experience?

6.  Think BIG

My dad always said this to me.  “Tara, think big.”  He’s right.  This life of ours is way too short to think small and to play it safe.  Think big, dream big and ACT big.  When you limit yourself to safe habits or ways of living, you know what you get?  A safe, predictable life.  Thinking big leads to bigger results, end of discussion.


“Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.” -Elizabeth Gilbert



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