We all have those days, or maybe even periods of time in our life, that we just need to rest.  Some may call it throwing in the towel, I would assert that rest is a form of repair.

Resting to repair old dreams so they can blossom into new ones. Resting so you can nourish your mind, body and spirit. Taking time to think and be without pressure.

Yes, pressure is great.  I mean come on – pressure requests that we dig deep and muster up the strength to show up, do the work and do it again and again.  But sometimes, just sometimes, that pressure can make you crack.

It can leave you wondering – What the heck am I doing?

And that is when you need to rest.

Our society is constantly berating us with the notion to go-go-go, hustle harder, wake up earlier, work late and so on.  Well you know what happens when you do that?  You burn out.  You end up becoming resentful and you miss out on the present, the only place we live.

If you find yourself needing to rest, but maybe you’re looking for a few signs or validations for a much needed rest and recoup period, Here they are:

Do you find yourself feeling resentful towards those who take time to just stop and smell the roses?

Do you envy those who have the time to read a book, watch a good movie, take a nap or indulge in self-care activities?

Do you find yourself feeling tired, angry and pondering the choices you have made in life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it might be time to set aside sacred space to rest and repair.

I’m not saying throw in the towel, nor am I asserting that you give up in shape or form.  I’m simply saying – rest – it’s okay.

What can you stop doing?

How can you create more time to just be in the present?

How can you stop living your life based on your to-do list?

How can you go to bed earlier?

How can you make time to journal a bit more and clear the thoughts from your headspace?

Because when you do any of the above, or maybe all of the above, in say a week – you’ll find yourself feeling a bit more clear, a bit more calmer, and maybe even embodying a more easy-go-lucky energy.

When we take a moment to rest – we get to recharge.  Think of it this way, every night when you go to bed, you plug in your phone.  Why?

Because if you don’t either won’t have enough battery to operate your phone when you wake, or your phone will run out of battery the following day.

You spirit, your body and your mind also require this same recharge.

When we take time to rest we get the opportunity to play full out again – with zest.

When you take the time to dream a new dream – you give yourself permission to think outside of the box and to see what opportunities lie ahead.

When you take every day moments to recharge – you get to get fired up for your life – once again.

It’s the moments or periods rest in your life – when you get the much-needed space to see clearly again, to wake up with passion versus feeling so drained and uninspired.

Your Turn:

If you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, how will you incorporate more rest into your life?

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