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You Create Your Own Reality

What does it mean to ‘Create your own Reality?’  It means, the attitude or frequency of energy you bring into your environment is going to be what appears in your life:  The quality of energy you establish as your baseline is what determines your experience. If I have... read more

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Have you lost touch with your body?

Have you ever felt like you have lost touch with your body?  Or more importantly – You have no idea what your body is trying to tell you?  Sometimes we get so caught up with life – that we go about our days, workouts and meals on autopilot.  And when we do that, we...
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How to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

“The hardest prison to escape is your mind” – such a profound and truthful statement that speaks to us all. But what makes the mind the hardest prison to escape?  Is it because we fill it with waste and clutter it with non-sense and junk? Overload it with fear, doubt,...
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What’s The Big Deal With Yoga?

Yoga – It’s not a fad! It’s here to stay and for good reason. Be Moved recently connected with Lesley Fightmaster of Fightmaster Yoga  and she was kind enough to bestow her thoughts and wisdom on why yoga is a big deal. But before we dig deep and explore the yoga...
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How To Improve Your Mood: 3 Simple Habits

I often write and talk about creating and setting a positive tone first thing in the morning. But on some days, you might just wake up in a bad mood. It happens. Or something unexpected occurs during your day that dampens your livelihood and puts you in a sour mood....
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21 Simple Self-Care Practices For A Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

Wake up, get ready, go to work, run errands, cook dinner…. Sound familiar?  We’re all busy and finding the proper time to take care of ourselves can be difficult in our increasingly busy lives.  But when you don’t take care of yourself – you end up exhausted, depleted...
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Want To Be A Morning Workout Person? Here’s How To Start

As a lifestyle mastery coach, I hear my fair share of excuses of why someone can’t work out in the morning.   The most popular excuse is:  I don’t have enough time.  Trust me, I get it.  We live in a fast-past society, our lives are jammed packed with never ending...
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Couch to Ironman Triathlon – It’s Possible

2017 has arrived with a bang!  Most of us would have made some sort of New Year’s resolution at midnight?  I generally don’t do the whole single resolution thing; however, I prefer to lay out a plan for the whole year, try to develop a vision for what I’m...
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7 Awesome TED Talks That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Are you looking for some inspiration, motivation, or a different perspective on life?  If yes, look no further!  There is no better way than to start you day with your favorite hot beverage and an awesome TED talk to get you ready for a great day. TED (Technology,...
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Forming Healthy Habits: 3 Choices That Create Huge Change

In my late twenties, I was sedentary, eating a diet composed of mostly processed foods, hyper-caffeinated and a heavy drinker.  Most of my meals came from a package, cooking for myself was a rare, if not, laughable matter. I had made endless excuses for not...
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10 Simple Ways to Make the World a Better Place

I’ve always wanted to change the world.  I’ve wanted to make it a better place since I was a little girl and often my parents would praise me for having such a grandiose passion to do so.  However, they would also gently remind me to stay focused and  work on myself....
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13 Daily Habits For A Happier Life

“Happiness is a habit – Cultivate it.” – Elbert Hubbard Have you ever thought you had it all figured out? That is, you had happiness all figured out?  I thought that if I followed societal scripts and landed my corporate job it would make me happy.  Maybe you even...
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Accept Your Past and Create A Happier Future

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you shy away from your past.  Maybe you weren’t the perfect person a few years ago, a decade ago, but who is?  I’ve never met a perfect person.  So why is it that we have such a hard time dealing with past experiences that were...
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Giving Up Alcohol

Ephesians 5:18 – And be not drunk with wine, in which is debauchery; but be filled with the Spirit… I’m not a Christian, nor do I pretend to be one.  However, the verse above is something that is near and dear to my heart.  I had to learn the hard way.  I had...
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Stop Playing It Safe

Have you ever missed out on a big opportunity because you wanted to play it safe?  How about saying no to trying something new?  I know I have and have since changed my mind on playing it safe. Take a moment and look back at your life and think long and hard about the...
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6 Pieces of Advice You Should Ignore

We all have been given a dose of advice, some good and not so good.  I appreciate it when someone gives me advice.  However, I am also mindful to be open to the possibility that the advice offered could be downright terrible.  Which brings up the subject of some of...
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