I’m addicted to motivational material.  At times, there are days I’ll need hours of motivational videos, podcasts, vlogs, movies, books in a day to be even a little bit productive.

When I need hours of motivational materials, it’s for a reason. Such as feeling physically  off either tired, anxious and/or stressed. It’s somewhat ironic where most of the content I’ll consume is clamoring for me to take action and because of my feelings, I won’t want to hear that message.

Motivational content can be summed up as follows: It’s like admitting that your parents are right when you are a teenager… nearly impossible. So I’ll skip to the next piece of content or the next or the next to see if there’s something that speaks to me about how to break out of those feelings.

Action is the wood to your motivational fire and the way I view motivational material is like the dry stuff they use in those survival TV shows.

The first step of my fire is to consume more content to get that spark going. Some days it catches right away and others it’s down to the last match.

But either way the result is still the same and until I stumble across that piece of content that will push me to either get up to do something, I will keep pushing.

In this process, I’ve learned to be less harsh and critical about how I get to my desired state. My peak performance varies every day and it’s not fair to hold myself to the same happiness threshold as a day at Disneyland vs. riding in traffic to the DMV.

If I need hours of material in a day I go with that. It’s not like I’m on personal development steroids, if anything it’s more like practicing until I get it right. I am reinforcing beliefs I’ve already heard or seen or learning new material which leads me to a fresh or familiar take on something that I can either keep for myself and/or share with my friends, family or strangers.

While on the personal development journey you’ll find out a lot about yourself. We all have self-doubt and negativity in our lives whether from our own minds based on past or external factors.

It could be the weather, that person in traffic or your relationships. Or none of these things.

Our daily emotions are just that, our daily emotions.

We tend to try and control these emotions with habits or external vices to shift our minds out of the state we are in. Some habits are worse than others and I made a conscious change to create new habits and become addicted to motivation.

I’ve had success accomplishing or making progress on a lot of what I wanted to accomplish this year… so why argue with results. My point is this, every step I take forward is a step towards filling up my cup full of motivation and eventually, it will turn into a motivational fountain.

I like to think of the process like going to the gym. Ultimately, the goal is to establish a healthy habit.  In return, you get greats results. Some days you spend 80% of the time stretching and warming up, then move onto complete two exercises.   Other days you spend 2 hours on every machine.

The action of showing up each day is a win on its own.

On a day you may not feel like going, but do show up, you keep the habit going. You can ignore that small fact you barely broke a sweat, but embrace the process of showing up despite how you feel.

As you build new habits know that you are creating a mindset for continued personal growth.

Embrace as much motivational material as you need. Listen to inspiring material, read books, watch Tony Robbins, but more importantly break the pattern you wish to be free from and take action. Or you’ll have to have that “Mom, I should have listened to you” conversation with yourself when you don’t see the results you desire.

If you want to get started with some inspiring and motivating content available to you now, here are my suggestions:

1. Headspace

Meditation related material and inspiring stories

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

Motivational, get off your ass and do something material

3.  The Onion

Smart, hilarious, satire…

4. Lewis Howes

Podcasts and content from inspiring leaders

5. Tim Ferriss

Podcast with extremely smart and technical strategies




There is not right or wrong formula to motivation. At the end of the day only you are able to know what you need and as Coach Wooden says that is success.

David Hall

David Hall

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