Have you ever felt like you have lost touch with your body?  Or more importantly – You have no idea what your body is trying to tell you?  Sometimes we get so caught up with life – that we go about our days, workouts and meals on autopilot.  And when we do that, we end up losing that valuable insight our bodies can provide.

Think of it like this:  Sometimes we eat when we’re not even hungry!  (Just think of all the goodies in the break room calling out your name – you know you shouldn’t and you know you’re not hungry – but you reach for the treat anyways.)  Or what about working out on a day that you know your body needs rest?

Here’s a suggestion to get in touch with your body – use your inner wisdom – you know – that thing called intuition.

Here are a few ways you can get back in touch with your body:

1.  Eat When You’re Hungry

Remember the days of being a kid – where you would just graze when you were hungry and would stop eating when you were full?

How often do you do that as an adult?

Many of us, myself included, have become accustomed to a meal time regiment – eating at a designated time – because…well – you know, it’s meal time.

You don’t have to eat a meal just because it’s lunch time.  Eat when you’re hungry.

Why not take a day or two to just eat when you’re hungry and to stop when you’re full?  Personally, when I feel like I’m eating out of my natural habits – I revert back to this practice.  I only eat when I’m hungry and stop when I feel full. (Trust me – this takes practice.)

Why do I do this?  Because listening to my body allows me to slow down and tune into what my body needs at that very moment.

2.  Move How You Want To Move

When we turn on the news or social media – we are told how we should work out – how often, the types of work outs and so on.  But what about listening to your body?

I’m sure you’ve been there – you get ready for your workout and find that you’re extremely fatigued – not mentally – but physically.  So, what do you do?  Do you push through your scheduled grueling workout or do opt for a lighter workout?

Many of us will push through – thus in turn – pushing our bodies when they’re screaming at us to stop!!!

Tune in and listen to your body – choose a light workout when your body is screaming for one.  Trust me – your body – knows best!

3.  Rest When You Need To

This one is a hard one for many of us.  Normally I take one day off a week from working out – but recently – I had to take 7 weeks off from running and aerobic exercise.  Yes, I said a full 7 weeks.

For you – you may not need 7 weeks and in fact – this section relating to rest is not intended to promote a long resting period.

Instead – If your body is fatigued and you don’t give it adequate time to rest – you end up damaging your body – and maybe you’ll end up having to take 7 weeks off from working out! (Don’t be like me!)

The point is -If you have to take 2 rest days in a row from working out – or skip a workout and replace it with a hike or long walk – do it!

Final Thoughts:

The Mind-Body connection is a sacred connection.  Our bodies have evolved and adapted over time – most of the time our bodies know when something is off before our mind registers the same.  Slow down, tune in and see what your body is trying to tell you.

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