“The hardest prison to escape is your mind” – such a profound and truthful statement that speaks to us all.

But what makes the mind the hardest prison to escape?  Is it because we fill it with waste and clutter it with non-sense and junk? Overload it with fear, doubt, shame, anxiety, resentment, and expectations?  I believe the answer is yes – we create our own prisons.

But what happens when we stay in our heads?  We end up neglecting our bodies.  This state of remaining in our heads causes us to disconnect with our bodies and in turn – we slowly waste our life away. (Yes, I know this is dramatic)

My whole entire life, I’ve used exercise as a tool to get out of my head.  Whenever I feel down, anxious, angry or any emotion that doesn’t serve me – I get out of my head and into my body.

Like Tony Robbins said, “Stay in your head you’re dead.”

I’ve used exercise – or simply moving my body – to overcome my addiction to cigarettes and alcohol.  To conquer anxiety and depressive thought patterns. And I’ve watched and witnessed others do the same.

But why your body?

It’s simple:  You are always in control of your body.  It’s yours and it’s a reflection of you have been living your life.

When I started tackling my addictions – I used exercise.  And a lot of it.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was embracing the unique mind-body connection we are all born with – but we often lose this connection as we grow older.

This unique mind-body connection is a gift and if you’ve lost this connection – fear not – you can strengthen and hone in on this gift at any time.

When you stay in your head – you completely disconnect with your body. 

Maybe you overeat when you’re stressed, or drink, or treat others poorly.  I think it’s fair to speculate that when we entertain negative emotions (such as fear, anxiety, guilt and so on) we end up disconnecting with our bodies and ultimately mistreat them for short-term rewards (i.e. the box of cookies, a cigarette and so on.)

Getting of your head and into your body – is not a quick fix – it’s an ongoing fix with long-term rewards. 

So, let’s start off slow.  We can start incorporating small, incremental acts into our lives anytime we feel negative emotions or emotions that do not serve our long-term goals.

Here are 3 Ways To Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

1.  Go on a Walk

It has been said that walking can cure all of life’s ailments.  I couldn’t agree more.  If something is bothering you – or an emotion is not serving you – go for a stroll.  My approach is a bit extreme – I’ve been known to go for walks (and runs) for hours until my head is clear.  That works for me.  Find what will work for you.  There is no wrong or right way to do this.

2.  Get Connected with Nature

As our society evolves – many of us spend most of our time indoors.  What a shame that is.  I find that sometimes all we need is a dose of fresh air, sun on our face and wind through our hair.

Connect with nature as if you were a child again.  Remember those days where you sat in your classroom looking out the window – eagerly waiting for that school bell to ring so you could be released out into the world?

Take that same approach to life.  If you’re worried – get outside and connect with nature.  Explore a park or trail you have never frequented.  Take in the smells each season has to offer.  Whatever your choice of activity with nature – just be sure to do something. Be fully present with nature and see what inner-peace it can provide in return.

3.   Connection

How often has a hug, a pat on the shoulder, a smile from a loved one snapped you out of bad mood?   I know I can recall many occasions!  Connecting with those you love and respect when you need a helping hand to get out of your head – is a great way to get into your body.

Ask for a hug, ask for company on a certain task, go to coffee, etc.  Whatever it is – connect with someone near and dear to you.  Connection stimulates the mind and body to be fully present – and with that fully present mentality – you have stayed out of your head.

Final Thoughts:

Whatever way you decide to get out of your head – give yourself some credit.  Simply creating an awareness of a mindset that doesn’t serve you is a great start!  Remember – you get to choose how you live your life.

I’d love to hear from you!

What ways do you get out of your head?  Post below!

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