Whether you’ve lost yourself in a relationship, a job, your role as a parent or feel an overwhelming sense of being lost in life, you are not alone.  Your life isn’t doomed and you will find yourself again.  When you feel lost, it means you are going through a growth and transformational period.  But here’s the battle– to not get stuck in your current emotional state.

Here are 6 ways to help you navigate the times in your life when you feel lost:

1.  Remember the Following:

You have the power to be, have and do anything you desire.  When we feel lost – it consumes us.  It zaps our energy and steals our focus and we forget that we have the power to choose what we think and how we feel.  Each of us is given the opportunity over and over again to create the life we desire and to ask and receive the answers for which we are seeking.  You can use mantras, affirmations, a daily meditation practice to help you focus on what you have and to help you cultivate an attitude of appreciation.

When we shift our minds from despair to appreciating what we have – we send a message to the Universe (or whatever you call your higher power) that we appreciate all that we have and appreciate what’s to come.

Sure – sounds all woo woo.  But let’s take the spirituality out of it and think of it in practical terms.

If you walk into a room full of strangers, but you have a smug look on your face and are looking down – do you think any of these strangers will approach you to engage in conversation?  Most likely, no.

However, if we took the same scenario and walked into the room with a giant grin on our face and open and welcoming body language – I’m sure someone in the room will want to start a conversation with you.  (Who doesn’t like a happy and energetic person?)

Like attracts like.  When you’re feeling lost – we often reflect that feeling in our body posture and everything we do.  Change it up.  And remind yourself nothing is lost – you’re on a journey to find your own path.

2.  Get Uncomfortable

Try new things and meet new people.  Growth doesn’t happen by staying in your bubble and doing the same things you have done over and over again.  Get uncomfortable and challenge yourself to do something that is slightly uneasy with a sprinkle of difficulty mixed in.  Take a new class, try a new sport, do something you have never done before!

This is the space where you will stretch yourself to evolve.  What’s the first thing that came to mind when you read this?  Go do that!

3.  Go on an Adventure

The monotony of life can dull our spirits.  Change it up and go on an adventure.  This could be going to a park you have never visited, going on a road trip, whatever it is – go explore.

This will help you reconnect with yourself by eliminating the noise and bustle of daily life.

4.  Ask for Help

How often have you met someone or heard of someone who is on a mission to help others?  Helpers are everywhere!  There are so many people out there that want to help others.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own and you don’t have to be alone during this time.  Asking for help is a courageous act!  It says to the world that you respect yourself and honor yourself!  Talk with a friend, a life coach or therapist.

There are tools and resources available to you to help you navigate through the emotions of feeling lost in life.

5.  Get Jazzed Up

Most likely, when we feel lost in life – our energy levels drop.  We get less excited about things, activities that once brought joy into our lives have lost their sparkle and maybe even your appearance has declined over time.

Do something that invigorates you.  Dance. Sing. Run. Play some music, really loud.  Amp up the energy and let it fill you up!

6.  Dream and Dream Again

What kind of dreams did you have before you lost yourself in the hustle and bustle of day to day life?  What have you decided is impossible to do – but deep down you really want to do it?

Grab a journal and reconnect to those dreams again.  Or heck – come up with some new dreams while you’re at it.

What is your soul longing for?  Connect with your dreams – big, small, crazy,practical, unpractical and so on.  Write them all out and get them out of your system and onto paper. You may find yourself re-inspired and ready to take some action!

Final Thoughts:

When we feel lost it’s easy to get consumed in this overwhelming feeling.  Feeling lost is just the beginning to new growth and new opportunities in your life.  And feeling lost from time to time is completely normal, you are not alone.

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination.

Let’s keep the conversation going.  What has helped you find yourself when you were feeling lost?  Share in the comments below!

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