There’s something about trying new things, breaking out of a rut or doing anything that leaves you open and vulnerable to criticism.  Many of us are deathly afraid of one single word: FAILURE.  Most of us, hope we don’t fail when attempting something new.  Even thinking about failure is enough to stop us in our tracks.

But if I told you that the hardest thing about making that dream or goal come true, is just doing it.  Would you believe me?

 “Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.” -Frederick Smith

Taking the first step can be terrifying.  Most of us are not willing to even take that first step.  Instead, we let our dreams and goals sit on the shelf, collect dust and we revisit them every now and then just to entertain the idea of “what if”.

When it comes down to it:  Nothing Trumps Execution.


But if you’re still tip-toeing around your goals, dreams and hopes and stuck in the pit of, “What if I fail?”  Then ask yourself this one question:

Who are you afraid to fail in front of?

Your significant other? Your parents? Best friend?  This is what holds people back.

When we are afraid of failing, we often are afraid that our decisions will not be accepted by a specific person or group of people we look up to and respect.

You cannot give a damn about what other people think of you.  That is, if you want to let go of the fear of failure.

If you truly believe in yourself, you will have to learn and practice to do this until others accept your decision to chase your dreams, to go after your goals and to at least, be in the arena and fight for what you want out of life.

No matter what you do, people are going to criticize you.  They’re going to say mean and nasty things.  Why?  Because you’re living your life and doing your own thing.

Trust me.  This is more than okay.

Maybe your fear of failing in front of someone has such a strong grip on you that it hinders your ability to execute, to even take that first step.  Then it is time to be brave and have a heart-to-heart with the person you are most afraid of failing in front of.

Let them know that you’re about to embark on a journey and you have not started yet because you’re afraid of failing and letting them down.  Emphasize that this is a journey and that you’re confident with your choices, but ask them one thing:  That if you fail, or err, or come up short, that they will support you to the best of their ability.

Fear of failure can hinder us from taking that first step, Action.  Fear of letting others down can keep us exactly where we are today.  It’s imperative that you surround yourself with people who will support you no matter what happens.


Is failure a possibility when you try something you haven’t tried before?  Absolutely.  But you know what else is a possibility?  Success.

If you’re not willing to attempt something that makes you a bit uneasy, then you’re not fully living.  Failure is something that we create in our minds and you can combat it with action and persistent execution.

Start making things happen and you will find that the feelings that surround the fear of failure will begin to fade and your confidence and self-worth will increase.

Plan. Take Action. And have those conversations with those you’re afraid to fail in front of.

Ready? It’s go time.

How will you face your fear of failure? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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