Have you ever been in a situation where you just couldn’t please a particular person?  No matter what you said or did- it simply was not good enough.  Dealing with difficult people is not an easy task.

“When you blame and criticize others, you are avoiding some truth about yourself.”  ~Deepak Chopra 

Sometimes you might need to physically remove yourself from a situation.  Sometimes, that isn’t possible.  However, when dealing with a difficult person the best immediate reaction is NO REACTION.

Choose not to react.  Choose to observe instead.

In all reality, most people have their own personal baggage to sort through.  A person who is difficult is mostly likely dumping their suitcase of pain, confusion, anger onto a person (maybe you) or situation.

Here are 5 Ways to Deal With Difficult People:

1.  Practice Mindfulness

Be in the present moment and merely observe YOUR thoughts and feelings as they arise.   Take an outsiders perspective.  When you’re mindful you have more control over how you choose to react to particular situation or person.

2.  Practice Compassion

This one might be a hard one to swallow – and it is at times.  Compassion is for everyone, including difficult people.  In fact, they might be in need of more compassion than ourselves.

One of the best practices when dealing with a difficult person is to truly listen to what they are trying to say, which requires that you remain silent.

It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the person – Focus on this question: Can you use compassion to truly listen to what this person is trying to say?

3.  Be Aware of Your Body

Tune into the physiological response your body undergoes when dealing with a difficult person.  (This course can help you with your stress response).  When you encounter a difficult person your body reacts in a peculiar way.  You may feel yourself tense up, shrug your shoulders, cross your arms in front of your chest, and so on.

When you feel triggered by a difficult person, set aside a moment to take a few deep and long breaths, relax your shoulders and let go of the tension you feel in your body.  After this release, you will be able to mindfully decide what the next course of action will be.

4.  Know your Outcome

Before you choose to engage with a difficult person, be crystal clear on what outcome you would like to arrive at with this person.  Sometimes being flexible when dealing with a difficult person is necessary.  And other times, it may require you to stand up for yourself and the outcome you desire.

5.  Look for the Lesson

It’s simple- What can you learn from this difficult person?

We all have experienced dealing with a difficult person and know how exhausting and trying the situation can be.  Please do realize that each and every one of is doing the best that we can do.

Your Turn…

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