Don’t Lose Hope

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. -Martin Luther King Jr. Life.  It storms, it rains, the sky opens up and it’s beautiful.  You never know what the day will present.  Maybe an opportunity, maybe a windy day.  We all have faced our own... read more

Why Do We Feel Lonely?

Why do we feel lonely?  The most common response is, “Because we’re social creatures.”  But why do we feel lonely when we can be so easily connected with people physically around us and thanks to technology, connect with people around the globe in an instant? Please... read more

Rest- It’s Okay

We all have those days, or maybe even periods of time in our life, that we just need to rest.  Some may call it throwing in the towel, I would assert that rest is a form of repair. Resting to repair old dreams so they can blossom into new ones. Resting so you can... read more

The One Thing That’s Costing You Your Relationship

Listen…there’s one thing that you don’t even realize you’re doing and it’s costing you your relationship. I know it costed me one big one. The one that isn’t technically supposed to. Do you have any idea? Take a wild guess? Is it your lack of communication? Is... read more

How Unconditional Love Saved My Marriage

Getting outside of ourselves and our own “stuff” can be a challenge.   Our long held ingrained beliefs and our fight to be right and be heard can dominate our relationships. Many of us feel the following way: Our needs aren’t being met, and we... read more

How To Be Kind Rather Than Nice

Kindness connects to who you are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen. -David Levithan I was in my late 40s when I became single again after a turbulent relationship I’d expected to last a lifetime.  Because we’d moved to the city I was living in less... read more

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Have you heard this saying before?  The first time I heard this was during a workout.  Yes, a workout.  There I was in my living room, doing a Jillian Michaels workout DVD.  And there she was – during the peak of my exhaustion... read more

May You Be Free From Suffering

Yoga and Buddhist wisdom may ease the suffering of chronic pain. There has been a lot of research devoted to the role that emotions, stored anger and ‘stuffed feelings’ have on chronic pain syndromes.  Yoga with its emphasis on breath work and turning inward allows us... read more

Are You Overwhelmed By Your To-Do List?

I’ve been wearing many hats for years now – we all have.  I’ve worn the hats of being a violin teacher, a paralegal, a volunteer, an entrepreneur, a dreamer, a freelance writer, a life coach, a yogi in training, an avid runner, a mentor and so on.  One problem... read more

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