Soften – To Live With More Ease

It’s a crazy world we live in. Chaos. Suffering. Pain. Loss. Love. Hope. Despair. Laughter. Tears. Fears. Smiles.  Living with ease can be a difficult thing to do.  Furthermore, living a life where you approach difficult situations in a softened way, can sometimes... read more

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

We all have been there – Drowning and soaking in a sense of complete overwhelm.   Whether it be your job, your family, your personal affairs, financial or external sources – feeling overwhelmed from time to time is completely normal.  But – just because this is a... read more

Loving Yourself, Means Letting Go!

I always find it amazing how ancient yogic philosophy is so relevant to modern times.  Maybe these wise sages had an insight into how modern life would pan out for us and left us with timeless pearls of wisdom that would help us get out of our own way and remember... read more

How to Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost

Whether you’ve lost yourself in a relationship, a job, your role as a parent or feel an overwhelming sense of being lost in life, you are not alone.  Your life isn’t doomed and you will find yourself again.  When you feel lost, it means you are going through a growth... read more

The Habits of Extremely Happy People

Positive psychology, fathered by Martin Seligman, defines three different kinds of happy lives: The Pleasant Life – Where you fill your life with as many pleasures as you can. The Life of Engagement – Where you find a life in your work, parenting, love and... read more

Happiness: 7 Ways to Fill Your Life with Joy

There is no path to happiness: Happiness is the path. -Buddha As we grow older doesn’t life seem to get a bit more complicated? Many of us are busy chasing happiness, but how many of us ever reach this goal? Money, success, recognition, staying busy are on our to-do... read more

Are you Tired of Pretending That Everything is OK?

Let’s say you’re a highly sensitive person.  You know it drains you to be around negative people and situations.  And you’re aware that exposing yourself to negativity offsets your inner-balance.  Unfortunately, you’re quite accustomed to biting your... read more

6 Helpful Ways to Deal with Critical People

We all have been there – you’re in a great mood and there’s something you’re extremely happy about and you tell a friend, a family member or a coworker so they can share your excitement.  And… BAM!  Your excitement is met with indifference or worse yet – criticism.... read more

5 Ways To Minimize Drama in Your Life

Drama it can pop up in your life more than you would like.  Maybe your coworker is causing trouble or a friend or family member is upset with you.  Either way, it might be a good time to figure out how to minimize drama in your life.  Because let’s face it – there’s... read more

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