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Tara Massan

Founder, Be Moved
Tara Massan writes about methods and ways people can live a healthier and happier life.  She’s a life coach, writer, avid runner and yogi.  She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha and many other publications.  When she isn’t busy writing and helping others, you can find her at home relaxing with her boyfriend and dog.

Amy Bernier

Yoga Teacher, Writer
Amy Bernier has been working in the health promotion field for over 20 years.  She has her master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and has been a certified yoga teacher for over 10 years.  More recently she obtained a certification as a yoga therapist.  Because of Amy’s interest in sharing pearls of wisdom from the yoga tradition and how these teachings can bring easy, peace, acceptance and grace into all of our moments, she has begun work on a book entitled You are not Broken, a Yogi’s take on WHOLENESS.

Lucas Alcalde is an aspiring entrepreneur and host of  the Kegs & Code podcast. He expresses his creativity through beer and wine products but Kegs & Code mission is to share the stories of people who have a dream and are making it happen. 

Hannah Rae

Creator, The 20 Something Pursuit
Hannah started The 20 Something Pursuit in hopes of bringing together a community of millennials that would inspire each other to pursue their dreams and live with passion.

Kyle Hiller

Independent Author and Freelance Writer
Kyle Hiller is an independent writer and a freelance writer.  He loves books and video games, especially the ones with the strong female protagonists.


Visionary, Writer, World Traveler, Speaker, Photographer, Songwriter
Author, The Evolution Revolution/The First Peaceful Revolution in the World. Dedicated to Planetary Transformation & Global recognition of the Evolution Revolution.


David Hall

Founder, Life’s Generalist
Normal guy with comedic tendencies. Introverted with extroverted tendencies. Yogi with stressful tendencies. Over 30 years old with under 30 year old tendencies.

Amela Subasic

Art Director/Lifestyle Designer
Amela is all about sharing ways to a #happyheart.

John Brown

John is an avid fan of all things surf and claims a one way love affair with the ocean.  He resides in Texas with his amazing wife and 4 legged best friend, Robie.

Ted Britt

Husband, Father, Triathlete and Founder of TriathleteTed
Ted is a Triathlete coach who is on a mission to show people that anyone can do anything, if your heart & mind desire it.

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