Recess! Recess?  YES!  Good ole’ recess!  The sweet sound of the bell ringing that would urge you to go outside and play with all your hearts content. When you played as a child you let your imagination run wild and entertained all the possibilities of life.

Recess was an essential part of growing up.  We had recess at school, summer months sometimes felt like long months of non-stop recess and if you were fortunate enough – playing was your full-time job as a child.

But as we grow older, recess and play time – slowly dissipate.  We are told to grow up, to focus and to get serious.  Playtime and recess have been ushered out the window.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. -George Bernard Shaw

When did playtime become a giant waste of time – or even frowned upon?  Somehow, someway – as adults we have concluded that playtime is below us.

You see – as we became adults – we slowly became doers.  The employee. The student. The mother/father.  The caregiver and so on.

Slowly – obligations have crept into our lives and we have succumbed to roles that do not include recess time.

When we used to play  – we were exploring the boundaries of our mind, body and connection to others.  We learned to express ourselves and to explore our dreams and passions.

Many of us have lost that fun, playful outlet that allowed us to connect with others and explore what lights a fire in our bellies.

There are loads of excuses why many of us don’t play anymore.  But on the other hand – there are many ways you can bring play back into your life.

Here are 6 Quick Ways to Help You Play More!

1.  What did you used to LOVE?

Think back to your childhood – what did you LOVE to do?  How did playtime look?  What were you doing?  Write about the activities you used to do and see what feelings are brought up.  Then ask yourself this question – How can I start doing (insert activity) more often?

2.  Connect with Mother Nature

Connecting with Mother Nature is the surest way to tap into your playful and creative self.  By creating sacred space to connect with yourself in nature – you begin to unshackle yourself from modern chaos and obligations.  This is a perfect time to daydream, explore mother nature and to reconnect to your youthful, playful self.

3.  Sign up

How many of your friends play in adult sports league?  Or – How many of your friends go out and do a certain activity on a regular basis?  Grab a friend and sign up for a new class or sport and see where the playtime leads you!

4.  Play with a kid!

If you have a kid or a friend’s kid you can play with – play with them to your hearts content.  Like really play – play like nobody is watching and let that inner-smile shine bright.

5.  Daydream

Many of us don’t daydream like we once did as children.  Daydreaming is not a waste of time – daydreaming is opportunity to imagine the possibilities you can create for yourself.  Daydreaming can also lead to creative inspiration that may prompt you to go out and play.

6.  Calendar it

Much like when we have a lunch date with a friend –  pencil in personal playtime.   And make it non-negotiable.

Playtime isn’t just for kids! It’s for you, your health and your happiness!


How do you incorporate more play in your life?


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