What do you when the inevitable enters your life?  Bad news?  Difficult situation?  You lose your job, your health is failing, something negative happens?  Something you didn’t expect, something you didn’t anticipate happening?  What do you do?

When obstacles hit home, you have to stop and not think of it as a terrible moment.   Maybe it’s a wakeup call that slapping you really hard in the face.  Maybe it’s time where you’re being asked or tested to rise up to the challenge.

Maybe the obstacle is your calling for you to rise up.  It’s time to muster up all of your strength.  It’s time to share all of your love, all of your compassion and empathy.

When you face an obstacle it’s okay to acknowledge the struggle.  But you have to be willing to work through it and you have to be willing to move through it.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Overcome Obstacles

1.  Action

Rather than wishing and hoping the obstacle you face will go away, do something about it!    Focus on these two areas: what is in your control and what you can do about it?  Taking action can be a set of micro and mini steps that will move your forward to overcoming an obstacle.  Baby steps do count.  Obstacles don’t magically go away.  Be diligent with your efforts and take action every day, even if it’s a small actionable step.

2.  Embrace The Obstacle

Can I get an eye roll please?  Sure, I get it.  This is the last thing you want to read when you’re facing an obstacle.  Especially one that has left you perplexed and paralyzed.  However, what is the lesson you need to learn from the obstacle?   Is there something inside of you that must emerge before you can move past the obstacle?  Is there something as simple as letting go of the need to control things we cannot control?  Embrace the obstacle, embrace the pain, the struggle, the ugly and the messy.

3.  Perspective

Every day we face obstacles, some big, some small.  However, when you’re faced with an obstacle or any sort of difficulty in life, rely on some perspective.  Is this really all that bad?  Now, I don’t want to diminish your struggle.  However, I want to emphasize that for the most part, if you’re reading this, you’re blessed.  You most likely have more than most people have in the world.  Get a perspective on the obstacle.   You have a choice in front of you right now:  Live your life by struggling or Live your life by moving forward with progress, even when it’s hard.

4.  Confidence

If you’re anything like me, when I face an obstacle my confidence takes a hit.  I usually take a moment or two to step back and realize the severity of the situation before I get my lioness roar on.  Confidence is what will propel you forward, but this type of confidence is defining and knowing your ability to figure it out.  You have what it takes to figure it out, but you must commit to figuring it out.  Believe in yourself, you have figured out so many obstacles before this moment.

5.  Ask For Help

I know many of us don’t like to ask for help, especially when we’re facing an obstacle or terrible adversity.  But why?  Why go it alone?  If your friend or family member were struggling with an issue and asked for help, you would embrace them with open arms and assist in any way you could.  Why not do the same for yourself?  By asking for help you can gain an outsiders perspective that you may not otherwise have seen.  Put your pride and ego aside and ask for help when you most need it.


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