Drama it can pop up in your life more than you would like.  Maybe your coworker is causing trouble or a friend or family member is upset with you.  Either way, it might be a good time to figure out how to minimize drama in your life.  Because let’s face it – there’s no reason why you should have to deal with unnecessary drama.

Minimizing drama might mean you may have to end a friendship to reduce your exposure to drama, but when you eliminate the unnecessary drama from your life, you get to move forward in life.

This may also mean you have some work to do on yourself.  It may require you to assess your habits and behaviors.  Which may include creating awareness of how you perceive someone else’s intentions – because how you perceive someone’s intentions will greatly influence how you interact with them.

For example, if your significant other left the house in the morning, but forgot to give you a goodbye kiss – you could assume the worst and think to yourself, “They don’t love me anymore”.  Or you could perceive the situation with a positive twist and think – maybe my significant other was rushed that morning or is tired.

From the two examples above, you can guess which one will create the most drama. If you’re the type of person who thought of a worst-case scenario from the example above, this article may help you minimize drama in your life.

 Here are some ways to minimize drama in your life:

1.  Stop Assuming

Sometimes the biggest arguments, conflicts and messy drama in your life is because of something you created yourself.  Assuming is a quick way to start drama.

Our minds have the tendency to focus on the negative because we have a built-in negativity bias.  Meaning, thoughts may not be true – but we accept them as truths without further inspection.

If you want to minimize drama in your life, try to learn new ways to identify and challenge your thoughts.

2.  Deal with the Drama

Sometimes when you’re experiencing a lot of drama – you might just want to talk about it with a friend.  Get it off your chest, vent a little bit and so on.  But when you focus on just talking about the drama – we have a problem.

Learn to deal with the drama head on.  Meaning, be direct about what bothers you in a particular situation.  You may learn, by addressing drama head on – you lessen the weight it has in your life.

3.  Evaluate Unhealthy Relationships

This is a tough one.  Letting go or drastically changing relationships to minimize drama is never an easy thing to do.  If someone in your life only brings drama and isn’t enhancing your life – it’s time to let them go.

As your life changes, so will your circle.

4.  Avoid Gossip

If you don’t want drama in your life or you know you want to drastically minimize it, try to not to gossip.  When you engage in this type of behavior, you allow yourself to act in a way that is not healthy for anyone involved.

The way we talk about others has tremendous weight – not just on our character alone, but within the world we live in.

Gossiping may bring people together, it may connect people temporarily, but you know what gossip costs?  Others.  Because gossip is fueled by the expense of others and only perpetuates more drama.

5.  Stop Taking Things So Personally

Drama can be created when your insecurities are out and about.  If you feel like you’re being judged by others, it’s all to easy to feel like you’re swimming in a sea of drama.

Here’s a hard truth:  People say or do certain things because that’s just who they are – and it most likely has nothing to do with you.

When you accept that someone’s behaviors and words have more to do with themselves than you, you’ll feel less likely to engage and participate in drama.

Final Thoughts

No one wants drama in their life, especially constant drama!  How draining!

If you find yourself dealing with unnecessary drama or conflicts, it might be time to take a step back.  Set aside some time to figure out where the drama is coming from and make the appropriate adjustments to your life.

Your Turn

Hopefully, after reading these 5 Ways to Minimize Drama in Your Life you will be able to alter your life in a positive way.

Please leave a comment below and let us know:

What is one way you minimize drama in your life?


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