You’re busy.  Everyone’s busy.  We have hectic schedules, obligations to tend to, daily affairs to entertain and the list goes on and on.  But many of us – maybe you – feel exhausted and worn out.

Here’s the truth – many of us routinely engage in toxic habits that zap our energy.  So – How do we start dismantling toxic habits?  The key:  Cultivating awareness.

Here are 5 common toxic habits that will drain your energy

1. Pretending like everything is A-OK

You know, you have those days, where someone asks you how you’re doing and you do this: You clench your jaw,  maybe bite your tongue and force a smile on your face and say, “Everything is great!”.

But you know deep down – things are not great.  And even biting your tongue and not truly saying how you feel makes you feel, well, -worse.

You’re human.  Not everything is going to be A-OK all the time.  Life happens – good and bad.   And guess what?  You’re not superwoman or superman.  You don’t always have to pretend to be strong, happy or OK.

If things are not A-OK – talk to someone!  Have a vent session over a cup of tea or a brisk walk.  Cry if you need to.  Swear like a sailor.  Ask for a hug and to be heard.  You’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

2. Worry, worry some more, worry again AND never take action

Worry – that little booger.  Leaves you crippled, perplexed and sometimes even paralyzed.

So, you worry about doing something, maybe then you worry about not doing something, and then you worry some more.  Rinse. Repeat. Worry….

How draining.

Your imagination – the worry center – is being used to create things you don’t want (you know – those things you worry about!)

What’s a person to do?  In the face of worry – ACTION is the remedy.  Action quiets the worry.  Be brave, take a baby step today and see what happens.

3.  Self-Care? Say What?

If you don’t care for yourself – you won’t be able to show up and serve those who mean the most to you.  When you sacrifice yourself for the sake of others – everyone loses.

When you throw self-care out the window, you know what happens? You show up tired, agitated, uninspired and so on.  Self-care is not a luxury – it’s a divine responsibility.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself – every damn day.

What can you do today to take better care of yourself? Get creative and schedule in daily care much like you schedule in everyone else’s needs.

4.  Wearing your sensitive pants

Do you know someone who’s supersensitive?  Maybe to the point where people may refrain talking about specific subjects around them – or – avoid them all together?

Or – What about the flip side? Someone who takes NOTHING personally.

Aww…. Wouldn’t it be freeing and liberating to take nothing personally?  Think of how light that will feel!

If you’re easily offended or sensitive – try this perspective on for size:  Most people do things for themselves.  So, when it seems personal – know that, it most likely isn’t.

5.  Change and Growth? NO!

Here’s a powerful question to ask yourself:  Am I committed to living the way I am now – or am I committed to growth?

Change.  Growth.  These things are scary.  They’re uncomfortable.

Change and growth churn up inner conflict; it makes us squirm in our seat, because we know that in order to grow, we’re going to get uncomfortable.

Think of it like this:  A seed that is planted wakes up to nothing but earth pressing on it from all sides.  But in order for this seed to emerge and poke up through the ground -there’s going to be a lot of squirming and figuring things out.  That seed has to send its roots down into the earth, meanwhile this tiny seed is sending a stalk to peek through the soil and continue upward.

Growth. Change. It’s uncomfortable, but when you get uncomfortable, progress is most likely occurring.


If you can relate to any of these toxic habits, remember, you’re not alone!  The important thing here is – awareness – recognizing those pesky toxic habits and then changing them.

So – What’s one toxic habit or thought pattern that drains your energy?  What can you do to change this toxic habit?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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