Have you ever found yourself extremely motivated one day and then the next day rolls around and you’re searching high and low for your motivation?  I’ve been there many times.  It happens.  You can’t just get yourself motivated one time and expect it to last a life time, it doesn’t work like that.  (Although I wish it did).  It isn’t difficult to be motivated, you just need to get in the habit of maintaining your motivation.

However, with our busy schedules and the fast-paced frenzied society we live in, it’s extremely easy to lose your motivation.  Sometimes we lose our motivation because of internal forces.  (How we’re feeling about ourselves, our health and so on.) You’re also likely to lose your motivation because of external factors. No matter how we lose our motivation, it’s a good idea to be mindful of the things that can destroy our motivation.


1.  Fear of Failure

Oh Fear, that nasty little booger.   It lies to us and steals our hopes and dreams in the night.  You know what I say about fear?  Forget about it!  (Yes, easier said than done, but well worth it.)

Fear of failure is something that a many of us can relate to.  Here’s the deal, we’re not always going to be successful at our first attempt at something new.  We may not even be successful or spot on with our fifth attempt or twentieth attempt.  But the key here is to keep trying.

When you try something new, or go about something that is difficult, it won’t be easy, but you’ll be out of your comfort zone.  And this my friend, is the zone where the most personal growth happens.

Rather than letting the fear of failure leave you on the sidelines watching as life passes you by, why not take a risk, grow a little and live your life right now rather than sitting and having a cup of tea with fear?

2.  No Results

One of the biggest reasons why people give up on their dreams is because they don’t see any results right away.  It’s incredibly difficult to keep putting in the same amount of energy into something that hasn’t given you any measurable result (yet).

But if you were to ask someone you look up to that is successful, they would tell you that they kept going, even when they couldn’t see the results they wanted at the time.   This is what makes people successful, they keep going even when the going gets difficult.

3.  Lack of Clear Goals

This culprit here has serious weight to it.  A lack of clear goals can kill your motivation in an instant.  If you have no actual goal you’re trying to reach, then how can you be motivated?

Get crystal clear on where you want to go, what you want to achieve and how that will make you feel.  Dig deep within these defined parameters and you will find the core of what you will need to be continuously motivated.

4.  Ignoring Your Health

When you ignore your body, and forget to prioritize your health, you can’t expect to find motivation in your life.

If you’re running on little sleep, if you’re dehydrated, feeding your body poorly and not getting enough exercise, there’s no room to be motivated.  Instead, there’s room to be fatigued and run into the ground.

If you’re looking to get re-motivated, start with your body.  Feed it well, drink enough water, get enough rest and exercise regularly.

5.  Negative People

For those of you who are surrounded by people who doubt your goals and dreams, then it’s safe to say that your motivation will suffer greatly.

The first step is to lessen your exposure to negative people.  Stop hanging out with people who don’t support your goals, if possible, lessen your interactions with people who are negative in general.  (I mean, you can’t expect to be motivated if you’re surrounded by a bunch of ‘negative Nancy’s’ can you?!)

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