Have you found yourself googling how to create healthy habits?  Maybe you want to start an exercise routine or eat healthier, but you find yourself looking up this topic time in and time again.

Healthy habits, just like any habit, can pose challenges for the long-haul.  For example, you start a new habit, you keep said habit for a month and slowly it slips away.  Sound familiar?

Instead of creating a list of bland habits that will enhance your life – let’s focus on the ones that make us feel good.  And not just the essence of I feel good because I did a certain activity, but let’s focus on insta-feel good.  Insta-feel good will keep you coming back for more.

Here are 12 Ways To Feel Better Right Now:

For Your Mind


Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to get your thoughts out on paper.  You know those feelings, that pesky little voice in your head that is begging for attention?  Journaling does not have to be about writing about your day, your feelings, it can simply be a brain dump.

Write down what you need to get done, what you wish was different in your life and why.  Ask yourself different questions – It’s your journal – write about what you want.


Why meditate?  It’s simple:  Because some questions can’t be answered by google.  Meditation quiets the mind, softens the heart and connects you to what you need at that very moment.

There a various apps out there that will help you meditate.  And if you’re new to meditation, find a free app that has guided meditations.

I recommend the app Calm.

Mental Diet

“Health is not just about what you’re eating.  It’s also about what you’re thinking and saying.” -Unknown

What you feed your mind is equally, if not more important than what you feed your body.  Your body follows your mind.

And I hate to say it, but must, what you think – you become.

Turn off that negative television show, limit your consumption of social media and carefully discern what materials you watch, read and listen to.

For Your Body


I see walking as a way to practice mindfulness.  To shut down all the distractions and be in the present.  In a way, walking is a way to befriend yourself.

Rather than walking just to say you went on a walk – make it a game.  A game of the here and now.  Take notice of everything you see and hear and you may discover a new tree or path you’ve been breezing by in the past.


Plagued by headaches or fatigue?  You might be dehydrated, or I should say, your brain might need a drink of water.  Try using a water app to encourage yourself to drink more water throughout your day.

Here are a few apps worth looking into.

Schedule your exercise

If it’s not scheduled, it doesn’t happen.

Now if you’re anything like me, when it comes to scheduling, you can go a bit overboard.  Scheduling in a specific workout, at a specific time at a specific location – and then when that activity arrives – you might be a bit overwhelmed.

Let’s insert some ease into working out – schedule the activity as an all-day event. and challenge yourself to exercise that day.

For Your Life


Happiness is a place between too little and too much. – Finnish Proverb

Let’s say your bedroom is a mess and full of items that don’t belong in your bedroom, how do you think you’re going to rest?  Most likely, not well.

Please, declutter the spaces you frequent most.  Clutter creates distraction.  Think of your space, your office, home, whatever it might be as your garden.  Clutter represents weeds in your garden.  Want your garden to blossom and be bountiful?  Start tending to your garden by decluttering.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is the mother of instant joy.  It really is.  When you take a moment and  think of all that you have to be grateful for and soak in that essence, stress and trivial matters begin to melt away.


Go, go, do, do…Rinse, repeat.  Our society is constantly telling us to work harder, do more, and be more.  It’s tiring.  Literally.

Make a sleep routine and get your required amount of sleep in!  We don’t sacrifice eating – that’s non-negotiable for most of us.  Sleep should be too.

Check out this article inspired by Arianna Huffington regarding sleep.

For More Connection

Less Media More Social

How often have you waited in line somewhere and noticed that no one is talking to each other?  No one!  While most people are assuming the zombie posture looking at their device, you know what they’re probably doing? Looking for connection or trying to connect with someone!

Why not connect right here, right now?  With a stranger, your barista or waiter, or hell – your spouse.

Check out Dallas Hartwig’s website regarding this topic.  It’s quite fascinating.

Smile at strangers

When was the last time a stranger smiled at you – for no reason at all?  If you can’t think off the top of your head the last time this has happened, then I challenge you to be that person.

Be the person that smiles at people for no reason.  I mean in all reality; do you need a reason to smile?

Housework or Play         

Choice.  Most of us are fortunate to have it.  So, which do you choose?  Housework or play?  Bonding or doing paperwork?  I’m not suggesting you let your affairs go to hell – instead I’m saying – why not play a bit more in your life.

Your Turn:

Which of the above are you going to try today?


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