Money and sex- They can rule your world if you’re not wise enough.  They have powerful energies.

Everything can be so wonderful and full of love.  But when money and sex come into play – the situation can completely change upside down.

You can have your life vision on the amazing spiritual center you wish to build, and once you get practical and open your wallet or bank account, the walls that were not built can seem crushing and devastating.

You can get super engaged with your dreams about your wedding day with the guy you just met, and after one naked night… you don’t want to see him ever again!

Been there?

It goes the other way around as well!

A situation can be chaotic, dormant, vague- and once this energy enters your life- You know what happens? You get turned on!  You have the passion, the power, the strength- and you might feel on top of the world.

And why?

Money and sex are powerful energies. They carry possibilities!

Money and sex are strong portals that have the ability to determine what will manifest and lead to manifestation in the material plan- of the chosen possibility.

While sex is a natural thing (we are so gifted!) Money is a man-made thing, a choice that human consciousness took on itself, therefore the love and hate relationship and the illusion of superiority and inferiority around it- seems very convincing.

The superiority and inferiority is not only with other people- like the rich and the poor- it is with money itself.

Have you also been so caught up in the material world that you tend to forget how rich you are?  Furthermore, did you forget that you are an active participant in the money-making game every single time you touch and use it?

Let me offer you a little play that might start healing your relationship with money:

If we look money as a type of filter, who is of service of the manifested realm, or a bridge between the un-matter and the matter.

We can begin thinking and backtracking to rewind and see what this bridge is made up of! We can ask ourselves these questions: What created money? What can never be able to be bought by money itself?

Here are 10 Things Money Cannot Buy

1.  Attitude
The way you relate to things, the way you see yourself in the big picture in life- this is priceless!

2.  Insights

Not just ideas- but clear realizations.  A clear message directly for the highest, that gives you the shivery and full embodiment in an instant. This can never carry a price tag.

3.  Music

Meaning, the free flow of sound vibration manifested as whispers in your ears, telepathic messages, the drum of your heart, the flute of your breath, the songs in your head translated into words that grab your attention and makes you move.

Can you buy that? NO!

Can something manifest without it? NO!

4.  Movement

And in its core -Touch
Like the feeling of your two fingers touching each other, and all that arise from it. And your finger touching a stone, a flower, a beloved…

Can you buy that? NO!

Can something manifest without it? Here’s the same answer- NO! It is the core of creation itself!

There is so much non-mental information that is transmitted in touch. The entire universe in involved in all of your gestures.

5.  Vision

The association that shows itself in you and connects you to your available resources with their higher amplitude. In money language- it is the currency.

6.  Enthusiasm

Your ability to live your God nature with ease and playfulness.

Enthusiasm gives you sacred permission to play with money as you want.
Get it? Money is a silver liquid- enthusiasm- is the magnet!

7.  Generosity-

For an exchange to happen, everyone that is involved must give.

Generosity is the ‘place’ where money loves to show up at. This is where it can manifest its full potential; to free flow- to be shared, to be celebrated, to think of nothing, and to give.

Giving is a gift- it is the blessing of seeing the way divine consciousness plays out in our life.

The highest generosity that exists is the bank of solution for all of our problems.

8.  Dream Land

Not to be confused with daydreaming.  Daydreaming happens in the mental realm.  Whereas, dream land happens in the astral realm – this is the place in which all ideas are initially implemented into the collective consciousness.

This is where you go to when you think you have run out of your potential.

This is the place where you go to create more money in your life, and to create more potential in your life.

Daydreaming is one of the most sacred places we can go to – it is where the invention of possibilities presents themselves.

Daydreaming is free of charge, and you have full access! You don’t even need to go there; it will come to you when you most need it.

The first version of money creation lies within the act of daydreaming.

9.  Grace

And when money will cease to exist (at list at the form that we know it) grace will still be here.

And in one way or the other- through human consciousness- new sets of rules and new ingredients will be offered to support the manifestation of spirit as matter.

10.  You

What you truly believe in, your love, your kindness; What you are here to live. Money cannot buy this.

Money leads- it is not the leader itself.

You are the leader!

It is here to serve you.

PS- Yes… and love <3

Homaya Amar

Homaya Amar

Modern shaman, renowned Master Healer & teacher

Homaya is a modern shaman, renowned Master Healer and Teacher.  Inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within.  She is leading worldwide seminars and offering private meetings where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.

You can connect with Homaya by visiting her website:

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