There are 24 hours in the day for you and there are 24 hours in the day for everyone else.  Yet, we often feel like there are things that we would love to do…. only if we had enough time.

Many of us spend our days in a frenzy.  Moving from task to task, obligation to obligation and finally bedtime rolls around and we are left wondering:

Where did all the time go today?

I wish I would have gotten more done…

We are often left wondering how we can create more time for ourselves.  The truth is, time is our most valuable resource.  What we need to spend our time on is learning how to control and use our time more wisely.

Here are 10 Simple Ways to Make the Most Of Your Time:

1.  Make Time To Plan

When you wake up, do you know exactly how you will spend your day?  Down to the hour or perhaps minute?  For many of us, the answer is NO.

Take 15-30 minutes the evening before or morning of to plan how you are going to use your time.  If you don’t, you will likely end up running task to task and engaging in activities that waste your time.

2.  Remember: There are 1,440 Minutes in Each Day

These minutes do not vary day-to-day.   When you accept that every day has 1,440 opportunities ahead of you, you can better plan to use them more wisely.  Know that you will have to use some of your time to complete your essential tasks, personal tasks and maintenance tasks (eating, sleeping and so on).

However, the opportunity that often gets wasted is how you choose to use the remaining minutes of your day.  This is where the magic of making the most out of your time takes place.

3.  Visualize The Day

As it was mentioned beforehand, plan out your day.  But before you schedule your day ahead of you, take a moment visualize what you want your day to look like.  Get into the nitty gritty of your day:

How do you want to feel today? (or the next day)

How do you want to be spending your time?

What do you hope to have accomplished at the end of the day?

By taking time to ask yourself these questions and visualizing what you want to happen, you can get some clarity that will drive you throughout your day to stay on task.

4.  Know What Your Priorities Are

Do you know what your priorities are?  Priorities are not the things listed on your to-do list.  They are the big picture items.  Such as:  Living healthy, spend more time with those you love, be of service to others, and so on.

Define 3 big picture priorities that mean the most to you right now.  Write them down in your daily and weekly planners.  Remind yourself that these are your daily priorities.  Soon you will find yourself carving out more time for these priorities with this simple reminder of what is important to you.

5.  Tackle Top Priorities

The day can pick up speed really quick.  A calm morning soon turns into a quickly paced afternoon and a whirlwind of an evening.  A good way to tackle your top priorities of the day is to tackle them first.  It may not be most appealing way to start your day, however, these are the most important priorities.

6.  Single Tasking vs. Multitasking

We live in an ADD world.  We may be staring at multiple computer screens throughout the day with our phones nearby and to top it off, constant interruption.  Multitasking once was worn proudly as a badge of honor.  After wearing this badge for years, I know firsthand that multi-tasking is not productive and or efficient.

When you multitask, you end up doing so many things half-assed.  Do one thing at a time with clear intention and focus and only move on when the task is completed.   You will find that you’re more productive and efficient versus when you were doing multiple things all at once.

7.  Stop Saying “I don’t have enough time.”

Change this story!  You do have enough time.  Let’s get honest here:  If there is something you are not doing, it’s because you have made the choice not to do it.

You have the choice to delegate your time to the things you wish you had more time for.

8.  Let Go Of What Others Think Of You

When you get clear on your priorities (#4) you may find that sticking to priorities requires saying NO more frequently.

When you let go of what others think of you you will create more space to think clearly and stop doing things that are not in line with your top priorities.

9.  Learn The Power Of Saying No

NO – is a complete sentence.  It really is.  There is no explanation needed.  Now, I’m not insisting that we be rude, but instead I am insisting that you honor and value the time you have on this planet.

When you say NO to others, what you end up saying is YES to yourself and the things you value.

10. Set Aside Time For Reflection

This may seem counter intuitive when you’re trying to manage your time, but there is something magical about slowing down and reflecting.  Slowing down and reflecting provides clarity and a sense of calm.

Set aside just 5 minutes every morning, afternoon and evening to reflect on your day.  By slowing down and making time for reflection it gives you an opportunity to tune out the world and refocus your efforts for the day.

This isn’t rocket science, but if you have ever wondered how to create more time in your day, then you understand the importance of using your remaining time on this planet wisely.

Please feel free to share any tips you might have in comment section below!


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